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All-in-one Property Owner Search
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Our search tool can double the potential leads in less time and effort required.

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OwnerSearch links to every available public directory to search for owner's details.

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Converts 5-15 minutes of search time per property into less than a minute.

It's so EASY to use
One click of a button is all it takes to search multiple public directories at once.

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Reduce stress and energy by not having to do menial time-consuming searches.

Clean layout for easy data analysis to find the right owner's details.

We're committed to helping you become a better performing real estate agent
There is no reason to spend so much time and energy on tedious property owner searches when the entire process can be automated into an all-in-one search tool. Time is your most valuable asset and becoming more efficient  with OwnerSearch can free up more time  and energy for productive tasks  such as  getting new listings and closing deals.
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